Georgian and Victorian glazing bars were designed to accept single glazing in the days when glass could only be made in relatively small sheets.

Trying to replicate authentic-looking narrow bars in a window fitted with a modern warm-edge drained and vented sealed double glazed unit is simply not possible, and full of pitfalls for manufacturer and customer alike:

Get it right and it looks really good.  Get it wrong and it can be ugly and/or troublesome.

At SupaSash, we're sure we've got it right!
These are all NEW SupaSash double-glazed windows with slender glazing bars to match the appearance of the single-glazed originals, and EXCEED the Building Regulations....BEAT THAT
Double-glazing, perhaps with slender glazing bars to exactly retain the traditional appearance while EXCEEDING the requirements of the Building Regs.
the greenest option
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