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SupaWOOD Windows Doors and Conservatories

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire a long-established home improvement business. 

An easily-run bolt-on attachment to any existing home-improvement business. Whatever it is that you do now, this will run happily alongside, simply adding to your offer.

o  Sell in flat-pack NATIONWIDE (or overseas)


o  Give NO CREDIT: GET PAID IN FULL before despatch


o  NO COMPETITION comes near in quality or cost






Not traditional joinery, this 'engineered' design has unique patented features and a long successful history, key machinery tooling and software with customers nationwide - and abroad - waiting in the wings.

It's a unique business, selling wood windows, doors, and conservatories - including conservatory roofs - in pre-painted flat-pack. The entire product range exceeds the Building Regulations, yet requires just a drill-driver and/or tube-spanner to assemble and install.

First brought to market in 1981, at least one client has in-line sliding patio doors still in fine condition more than thirty-four years on, and he's not alone. That particular product line was sold in the thousands by another nationwide window company under their own brand, confirming twenty years later that call-backs were virtually unknown.

The windows and conservatories were also once marketed by a nationwide DIY chain that tried to copy it without infringing the patents (and failed). The original owner regained control of the business and developed new lines, including a sash-window especially for Scotland.

Despite having new patented features to be exploited, the current owner has now reached the point where he simply must retire, bringing a great opportunity for anyone willing to pick up the business and run with it.

1   The SupaWOOD System ...

… is a unique family of simple engineered window, door, and conservatory frames, with drawings, key machinery, tooling, and software.
It has a great history of past nationwide and overseas installations, with a vast market including existing clients just waiting for the new owner.  Some aspects are simply head and shoulders above the competition in any material.

Casement windows, English rising sash windows, Scottish rising sash windows, Yorkshire sliders, bows, bays, resi-doors opening in or out, in-line sliding patio doors, multi-fold doors, and conservatories (including the roof), all factory painted and assembled with just screwdriver or spanner. Gun-seal gasket or knock-in wedge.

Astonishing potential for new, tested, developments to lock out the competition
a new tried and tested but as-yet undisclosed patentable high-volume paint application process to knock any competition into the long grass.

Q:  What do you mean by “engineered”?
A:  This is NOT a window system for a traditional carpenter or joiner.  It uses wood as an engineering material, where accurately made components are simply snapped, screwed, or bolted together.
No glue or paint needed. 
They just LOOK traditional, but they are not.

SCM Centre 3

·Three spindle, eight-tool tenoning machine with continuous feed.
·Push-button tool changing on main head of six tools
·Potential to tenon 240 frames or more in one eight-hour shift.
·Turn-over knives on all tooling for swift maintenance and repeatable quality

This astonishing machine lies at the heart of the SupaWOOD System that treats wood as an engineering material.

3  Software

• Window Designer 7
Software from First Degree Systems ...

No need to rent it. This is a lifetime copy, bought from new.

See it here...

• Sage Winforecast
A stand-alone professional business forecasting and accounts program seamlessly driven from your own easily compiled Excel page

Profit & Loss
Balance sheet

and much more...
all at the touch of a button from data that you input yourself on an Excel spread-sheet
-plan first, then input actuals to monitor progress and see if changes are needed before things go wrong.
Or see what simple changes can do to maximise your profits.

• BRE U-Value Calculator
No more guessing. This brilliant tool from the Building Research Establishment gives you the data you need to confirm your claims.  Use it to give the client a Certificate of Conformity that they can use to increase the value of their home when they come to sell it.  There's no argument about the Building Regulations when you have this in your toolbox.  Find it here...

• Schlegel Test House report
From the seal supplier of the day, here's an original document showing the results of the very first tests of a SupaWOOD sliding patio door to verify the integrity of the SupaWOOD System for Fairmitre around thirty years ago.  (It sailed through, far exceeding the minimum requirements).
That Schlegel Test-house is long-gone, but we can hold your hand through the latest test system at little cost, if it's needed.

• AutoCAD 2002
Another stand-alone piece of software with no ongoing cost. Use it for developing new ideas and checking the consequences of even minor detail design changes. Just another of the indispensable tools of the trade.

4  In-house expertise

• Unique SupaSash paint system
Incomparable efficiency with high-volume output.
This unique tried and tested but as-yet undisclosed paint application and drying system has several patentable features that make it unbeatable in output and cost terms.

• Two unique SupaSash packaging systems
Developed, tried, and tested to maximise distribution of both glazed and flat-pack frames nation-wide at minimum cost

• Reference files
Thirty years of fliers, leaflets, brochures, and correspondence from businesses and private clients alike...

   * The directors of Fairmitre pleased with the SupaWOOD patio door and wanting to buy into the business

   * Wickes brochures full of praise  (so pleased, they tried to copy it)

   * The CEO of the supplier of that Wickes product range receiving an award for it

   * Wickes second bite of the cherry (after their designer made a mess of copying it)

...and much more, to give you and your clients confidence in the integrity of both product range and business.

Remember, this whole package is an engineer's window
system that knocks traditional joinery into a
cocked hat, leaving it on a par with pvcu
using installers, not carpenters.

Here's the best bit...

Run the whole business without giving anyone a credit line.


No credit given (or even usually requested by the client, private or trade.)

Don't miss it.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for one lucky person.

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KJN Jun 6th 2019

The Wickes in-store offering of 2001:

"Every so often in life something comes along out of the blue that totally turns your beliefs upside down and puts your head in a spin......they are superb..."
Terry the Window Man, Basildon 2001
Another testimonial...

"These are the best windows I've ever seen..."

Site chippy in Loxley, on renovation work for Rajkowski Builders
"... We are very pleased with the product, and...the patio door is becoming a very successful part of the Fairmitre business."
"...none of us know of a better timber window than yours..."
"...the causes of premature sealed-unit failure...have been overcome by your system."
"Sorry to hear the news of your retirement.  Do let me know if you ever make a come-back as my window upgrade program is now, sadly, back on hold."
Nick B,  Barnet
Another Supasash upgrade exceeding the Building Regs without changing the appearance.
Conservatory and roof to match the windows
All assembled from pre-painted flat-pack
All the tooling needed
for joinery of all sorts.
SCM Center 3

Stacked tooling with push-button tool-changing
Can YOU offer your clients a 20 year guarantee for their wood windows - with absolute confidence?

WE CAN.  Here's the proof...
French doors in France

Two double-folding french door-sets, the components made and painted in Rugby then shipped to France in flat-pack

Assembled, glazed with French glass, and installed
complete in just three days by a DIYer with no woodworking experience
using just a drill-driver for the entire job.


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