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We'll make you NEW sashes designed to carry 20mm double glazing, to fit into your OLD box frames, exceeding the Building Regulations without changing the appearance.

These new sashes might look traditional, but they are properly 'Drained and Vented' to ensure your expensive sealed units last twenty years or more (much, much more).

They're made from acetylated plantation-grown softwood with a fifty-year guarantee and won't swell, shrink twist, warp or rot. (It's wot the Romans did with vinegar two-thousand years ago, but better)

Supplied in made-to measure flat-pack to fit your existing boxes, you need just a screwdriver to assemble them around sealed units that you buy from your local supplier.  Gun-seal the glass into place after assembly, and you're ready to install. If necessary, trim the bottom rail to fit the cill (they're all different, but we give you a good start), then just a lick of paint to finish the job.

No repairing or repainting the walls (unless you want to, of course). 

Any DIYer or good handy-man can do this.
No joinery or window specialists needed.

We help you specify the size and specification of the sealed units.....

O  self-cleaning glass   GOOD

O  toughened  glass     GOOD

O  glazing bars      Lots, or none, your choice

O  argon                 We think it's a waste of money (it leaks out)

All very simple. 
Fitting double-glazing isn't Rocket Science

The new sashes come with all the seals and gaskets you'll need for effective
invisible draught exclusion.

Hang them on new cords (you'll need additional weights whatever double-glazing you fit) or on Block&Tackle balances. 

We can supply a Certificate of Conformance with a
BRE U-Value calculation (that's the Building Research Establishment) to keep safe and hand on to a new owner.

Once they are done, forget them for twenty years or more.
(much, much more)
there's more...
No more of these streaming wet windows...
...SupaSash fixes that, once and for all!      Tel: 07831 194655
Ultra-slim double-glazing...the facts
Condensation INSIDE
Condensation OUTSIDE