the greenest option
...a SupaSash upgrade
exceeds the Building Regulations
- without changing the appearance.
The tried and tested SupaWOOD Glazing System gives your new hi-tech 20mm sealed double-glazing (properly 'drained & vented')  the greatest possible chance of achieving their designed life expectancy of 30 years or more.  SupaSash draught excluders with their unique 'invisible' paint-gard tm seals complete the conversion and leave you asking why you didn't do this years ago.

Feel the comfort and see the difference it makes to your fuel bills.
Double-glazed SupaSash windows doors and conservatories are still going strong after 33 years in service, and modern sealed units are so much better-made than those we fitted all those years ago.
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"Every so often in life something comes along out of the blue that totally turns your beliefs upside down and puts your head in a spin.......they are superb..."
Terry the Window Man, Basildon
The History of the Rising Sash Window
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"...Why can't I buy these in B&Q? They are so simple, my wife can install them."
Mike B, Stalybridge

"...would have taken the show's innovative award had one been offered.......the kind of imaginative engineering which once made the UK a world-beater and is a product to watch."
'Terminus', writing in Glass and Glazing Products Magazine

"...You may recall I have a houseful of your fabulous windows.....the damaged unit came out like a dream (upstairs, too, but no worries) and disassembling the frame to inspect the unit was simplicity itself. It all went back together beautifully. The friend who is giving me a hand, who used to work in the uPVC window trade, is deeply impressed. 'They should ALL be like this' he said. 'then there wouldn't be heaps of plastic frames piling up at tips all over the country. It's a scandal..'.....If only we could convert everyone."
Cheryl S, Crick
The new double-glazed sashes in my old box frames have done exactly what I wanted. The appearance is unchanged, but the difference in performance is remarkable"
James G, Hackney
The Great British Housing Scandal
Another SupaSash upgrade
Another SupaSash upgrade
Another SupaSash upgrade
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SlimLite double glazing
Lessons from the past
Double Glazing, Trouble Glazing?
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Another SupaSash upgrade
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