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"Every so often in life something comes along out of the blue that totally turns your beliefs upside down and puts your head in a spin....they are superb."
Terry the Window man, Basildon

"...Why can't I buy these in B&Q? They are so simple, my wife can fit them."
Mike Bryant, Stalybridge

"...would have taken the show's innovative award had one been offered.......the kind of imaginative engineering which once made the UK a world-beater and is a product to watch."
'Terminus', writing in Glass and Glazing Products Magazine

"...You may recall I have a houseful of your fabulous windows.....the damaged unit came out like a dream (upstairs, too, but no worries) and disassembling the frame to inspect the unit was simplicity itself. It all went back together beautifully. The friend who is giving me a hand, who used to work in the uPVC window trade, is deeply impressed. 'They should ALL be like this' he said. 'then there wouldn't be heaps of plastic frames piling up at tips all over the country. It's a scandal..'.....If only we could convert everyone."
Cheryl Stonehouse, Crick

"In my book, the Grandaddy of timber window technology is Keith Nurcombe of SupaWOOD in the West Midlands. Keith has been making superb drained and ventilated timber window frames for decades"
Philip Rougier, Fenestration Surveyor,
'in the HOT Seat' - interview with Michael Gannon, editor of Glass and Glazing Products magazine, July 2010

"A twenty-year service call  just to clean and lubricate the sliders speaks volumes. We still love the conservatory"
Richard and Annie, Little Aston

"....I no longer dread the day I have to undertake some maintenance, as access, even at the height I have to work, will not require scaffolding, as all the work, even to the outside of the windows, can be undertaken from the inside."
David Coupe, Nottingham

"These windows are brilliant!
They were better quality and cost less than any others we looked at".
Peter Mackow, Fleckney

"The construction industry rarely receives something really innovative, truly new, yet anyone looking at its design says: 'why didn't someone think of this before?'  It's a specifier's dream, fully finished as standard, while end-users will love its instant internal dry-glazing. Properly installed, it's virtually idiot-proof and with easy minimal maintenance, probably has life-of-building longevity.. What more could our industry ask of a thoroughly 'green' 21st Century window?"
Jay Webb, Fenestration Associates (alias 'Terminus')', writing in Glass & Glazing Products magazine

"These are the best windows I've ever seen."
Site chippie, Loxley

Integral Window Systems of Rugby would have taken the show's Innovative Award had one been offered. You would think timber windows had been developed as far as possible until you saw Keith Nurcombe's new wood window. Integrally vented and drained, and dry gasket glazed with slim pleasing lines; its sealed units need no packers because they are locked onto milled shoulders while the sash clicks into its outer frame to make the installation or changing a sealed unit a matter of seconds. It's the kind of imaginative engineering which once made the UK a world-beater, and is a product to watch. With its micro-porous finish it makes a real competitor for uPVC. 
Congratulations, Keith"

Jay Webb Alias 'Terminus', writing in Glass & Glazing Products about Glassex95 at the NEC

"The new double-glazed rising sashes in my old box frames have done exactly what I wanted. The appearance is unchanged, but the difference in performance is remarkable"
James Graham, Hackney

"Five years on, we just love our rising sashes. Apart from looking good, they are so smooth to operate, and they have made the house so much quieter".
Julia Morell, Dorking

"these windows face south west across the empty airfield, and in ten years have never been the slightest trouble in the fiercest storms."
Member,The Gliding Centre, Husbands Bosworth

"They are as good as the day they went in. Twenty four years ago.... I'd like some more, please." 
S Gilmore, Kidderminster

"After seventeen years (the whole thing) still looks grand. Absolutely delighted with it.
Keith Jones, Stonnall

"The room is noticeably warmer and quieter....Thank you."
"The Victorian character of the house is unchanged."
Mr & Mrs Jordan, Erdington

"Very nice. No problems whatsoever."
the fourth owner of a big property near Leamington Spa,
24 years after their installation.

"A brilliant job. We're delighted with the whole thing. Many thanks."
Mike and Carol Beadle, Folly Hall, Leicestershire

"Thank God for people like you".
Owner of 'The Thatched Cottage', Loxley
(Surely over the top, but very gratifying - kjn)

"We are writing to express our thanks for the windows....the same high standard of design and workmanship...still admiring the wonderful conservatory."

Richard  & Claire  Williams, North Kilworth

"...craftsmanship and ideas have combined to realise the finished product (we) were hoping to achieve."
Brian McDonagh, Ullenhall

GP, Isle of Mull (a self-builder)

"Brilliant! Terrific job."
Lawrence Vella, Teddington

"Simply brilliant. When can you deliver?"
Keith James, Quantity Surveyor, Coventry
Just a screwdriver and Stanley knife required for the assembly, then drill/driver and sealant gun for installation.
What could be easier?

Southern Yellow Pine

European oak

Installed from INSIDE
NO trade skills
assembly from flat-pack is simplicity itself!
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in a simple, low-cost easily run wood window, door, and conservatory business

Here's the best bit:


No machining     No painting   
No trade skills   NO WORKSHOP
No sweat
Just read this again:

DIY wood windows, doors
& conservatories
in flat-pack, pre-finished
for self-assembly

No joinery or glazing skills required.
ALL of the windows door and conservatories  you see here were assembled from pre-finished flat-pack kits.
What could be easier?.
....this could...
start with a ready-glazed
SupaWOOD Window
In A Box
There's more.....
If you make plastic windows and doors, you are
never  going to be asked to make fine interior joinery.  However, if you make and install SupaWOOD windows doors and conservatories you need never be short of other enjoyable and lucrative work.

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Sash windows
are just a part of it...
SupaSash forms just part of the complete range of SupaWOOD self-assembly casement windows doors and conservatories
Register your interest in becoming
a SupaSash dealer NOW,
and secure your area
SupaSash UK
Register your interest in becoming a SupaSash dealer NOW, and secure your area WHILE IT'S AVAILABLE.

Assembly & glazing
"...Why can't I buy these in B&Q?   They are so simple, my wife can install them, without any need to climb a ladder."
Mike Bryant, Stalybridge
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