Notes from Vic Carr...

1 The cadet which together with first cut down Standard armoured car was before my time with the CGC.  Bertille may be the only person left who knows where it came from.

2. George Thompson was the procurer for the T21. Again I know not its origin.  Bertille may remember.

3. The Cream and  Red Olympia - later 252 - came with the deal from the Leicester Gliding Club.  It was bought for the club   by Sir William Lindsay Everard of Brewing fame, pre- 1950.  Jack Rice the then Chairman of the BGA had something to do with it. The details of the gift were always incommunicado. I know no more than that. It had been neglected and needed a lot of Lou Glover's time to bring it into service.

4. The Scott Viking 1 first appears in my log book in September 1954. You are probably aware of its background

5. By 1957  we needed another two-seater due to increased membership.   This was at first served by a T31 early in 1958.   It was ex ATC and proved unsatisfactory for purpose, so a deal was struck with the struggling Isle of Wight Club to swap the T31 with a cash adjustment for their T21. February 1958 - with P2 John Greenway  -  I was towed in the T31 from Edge-hill to Sandown, staying overnight at Lasham.   In retrospect the next leg, Lasham to Sandown, was the most risky tow ever. No safety equipment at all. The return tow in the T21 was easy to Lasham but thereafter we were stuck for a couple of weeks by bad weather.

6. The Prefect was another of  origin  unknown to me. Arrived on site 7.1.1958

7. The green Olympia belonged to Jack Rice and was bought by Doc Gregg as his very own. Later syndicated with Ivor Tarver.  It featured in the photograph with Michael Hunt and King Fiesal of Iraq.

8. Jacobs Ladder was bought by a newly formed syndicate from the John Tweedy Group at Derby and Lancashire GC. The Group originally was George E.Thompson, Vic Carr, Michael Hunt and A.N.Other.    For the moment I have forgotten who was number four, but I do remember it cost 600 total.   Later members were Lou. Glover, John Greenway, and Howard Greenway.

That is about it,
with regards

Vic Carr.............Sept 2010
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