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Why Don't You Put
a Little Engine In It?

A broad view of flying either for fun or maybe
even becoming a professional one day...

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O       The Gliding Centre, Husbands Bosworth Nr Lutterworth

O       The LAA Office, Turweston

O       Metal Seagulls, Rugby

O       The BGA Office, Leicester

O       AFE Pilot Shop, Oxford

O       AFE Pilot Shop, Manchester

O       Yorkshire GC, Sutton Bank

O       Borders GC, Milfield, Northumberland

O       Lasham Gliding, Alton

O       Midland GC, Church Stretton

O       EES Aviation, Husbands Bosworth

O       Wolds GC, Pocklington

A useful guide on

What To Fly

from para-gliders through sailplanes
to hot aircraft, aerobatics, cloud-flying, helicopters, balloons,  and more
with stories to paint the picture

Just where does a novice start?


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