Assembling from flat-pack
the greenest option
Registered leaf logo guarantees genuine SupaWOOD products
SupaWOOD windows, doors and conservatories of all types are assembled from pre-painted kits, glazing as you go.

There are so many advantages in doing it this way, it's not easy to grasp in one go. So let's start with a simple window, top-hung opener over a fixed deadlight.

Each kit is a collection of pre-finished precision-made parts.  There are two BIG advantages of doing it this way: No woodworking skills are required, and the weather is of no concern, 'cos all the work is done indoors.
Registered leaf logo guarantees genuine SupaWOOD products
the greenest option
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The first minute
Let's start with assembling and glazing the top-hung opening sash.  Assemble the two rails and two stiles around the self-centering 20mm sealed unit double-glazing.

Pull the frame together with the four screws provided, then push in the self-locking wedge gasket around the glass.

The second minute
Assemble the five components of the jamb-frame around the deadlight glass.

Again, push in wedge gasket.

The third and fourth minutes
Push-in the draft seal, fit friction stays, then hang the sash
The fifth minute
fit the handle and strike-plate.
This thread showed the assembly and glazing of one simple window cassette, but the SupaWOOD System expands to cover doors, conservatories, and conservatory roofs, all needing just screwdriver or spanner for installation by anyone with basic DIY skills.

No trade skills needed.

Polish and store in a safe place.

Or box it
ready for sale Off-the-Shelf as part of a Standard Range
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It's so easy
Properly "drained and vented"  to ensure long sealed-unit life